Jenny Darren & The Ladykillers

February 9th 2017

STOP PRESS......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well... I've just arrived home from my "first" rehearsal with my NEW "Ladykillers band". I was ALWAYS optimistic regarding this; but I "have" to say, after last nights rehearsal, I am totally "ecstatic" !!! (& I am not one to give faint praise at all) The rehearsal FAR exceeded my wildest expectations. The Guys have worked really hard on the three songs I asked them to learn.

When I arrived... (early) Rupert was writing out drum notation parts for himself! (impressed, very) it's something I only really expect from jazz players. Jo had really thought about what she was going to play, plus the sounds too, with new variances as the rehearsal progressed. Wonderful stuff!

Alun played brilliantly, & he knew the bass parts really well too. J was fantastic, his guitar licks were just the dogs!!! Rupert's tempo's were excellent too. His fills were also well initiated. His playing is also extremely precise. The WHOLE band has energy & life! I am MORE than happy!

The great thing too, is that we ALL live within 5 miles of each other. J also suggested another guitarist as there are so many twinned lines, plus umpteen guitar tracks on the actual recordings. Even with keyboards, it still ideally needs another guitar. J says he teaches a guy who would be great on second guitar, & says that he is really good. So, for next week then, we will include him in the rehearsal. I take J's word for it, that he is a really good player. I took Rupert's word about everyone else, & he wasn't wrong!

These musicians have all worked with each other over the years, & you can really tell. The playing between them is just SO tight! Absolutely Marvellous!!

I can go to bed happy now, & extremely relieved. All is well in the world of Jenny....... finally.

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