Jenny Darren & The Ladykillers

February 11th 2017:


I am really looking forward to this coming Thursdays rehearsal with the LK's. We are trying out another guitarist with a view to having a sixth member.

We taped three songs on our first rehearsal last week. All in all, it was great. Mistakes... obviously.., & " plenty" from me... lol!! but overall, for a first off, it was far better than I could ever have imagined.

The guitar parts in the songs are many and varied, & even with a keyboard player, it's felt that we do need another guitarist. I have seen this Guy play on a video, he sounds great. Plus J, the other guitarist has worked with him quite a lot, & really rates him. So.... I await here with baited breath. His name is Matt Harris.... watch this SPACE for MORE news...... soon!!!

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