Jenny Darren & The Ladykillers:

February 17th 2017


What a fantastic rehearsal we had last night! Even better than last weeks. "Ode to Billy Jo" was fantastic. The band really kicked in! It was wonderful! As ever, Rupe's held on to the tempo with a ball & chain... lol!

James was dancing around like a mad lunatic (again...ha ha) Al was giving it large. Jo came out with some really great keyboard sounds.Young Matt, was listening well, & fitting his licks in. Me?... I went for it. I need to do some h...ard singing to get into the flow of things. The time just flew past. I was ecstatic, what a truly marvellous band this is! Plus Rupe's tea making skills are just the dogs!! Lol! Lovely people. May we reign together long.

It's an acoustic rehearsal next week. Acoustic guitars & voices. It will give us a break from the full on asse kicking of late. We need to start on the vocals then too. So reallylooking forward. Watch next weeks space!! Yaay!!

" Jenny Darren & the Ladykillers " Coming to you soon!!!

(& here's my " Daisy Rocks HEARTBREAKER guitar"....)

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