Acoustic Rehearsal 2 Update:


....... Another great rehearsal last night, starting with a slow acoustic laid back version of Ladykiller. A lovely feel with nice chords, & great lead playing from J. Al too, is a perfect innovator. He ALWAYS seems to know the songs really well at rehearsal, & has already THOUGHT of ideas, arrangements, & then proceeds to establish them. He plays acoustic guitar really, really well.

As anyone musical would know; acoustic guitars with no amps take NO prisoners at all! J played Al's AWESOME sounding acoustic Takamini.... it sounded beautiful. Al's guitar ("Non Tac" with newish pick ups) sounded brilliant too.

Jo & Al sang harmonies with myself on LK & Jumping Jack Flash. They sounded really good. Once Rupert puts his BV vocal stamp on there too (next week) I can then drop out and just sing the vocal melody, it will sound absolutely fantastic!

The Guys played some lovely changes plus lead riffs together. It's sounding marvellous!

Unfortunately, due to sad unforeseen circumstances Matt our second guitarist can no longer perform with us. However, we are really good as a five piece, & unless someone "totally awesome" comes along, we will stay a five piece.

I can only reiterate... "THIS BAND IS AMAZING"!!!!I REALLY rate them. As any musician who knows me at all will confirm, I am not easily impressed. I have worked with some brilliant players in my life (famous & not) but these boys are UP with the best! I am SO lucky to have found them. Al, Jo, J, Rupert, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May our musical fraternity last for eons of time.


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