JennY Darren & The Ladykillers Digi Pack Layout/Both Sides


Well, after two weeks of completely acoustic rehearsals, it was a revelation to be in a much larger room & go through the PA system. In retrospect, we should perhaps have rehearsed the acoustic songs in a semi circle with the mic's, rather than in the normal band stage formation. This after all is the way we will be playing them onstage.

It took awhile to get going, as everyone was so tired (including myself) albeit not as tired as the others were. It's easy then to make mistakes. Your brain can't quite formulate things as easily. However..... " Got going we did"... Jumpin' Jack was awesome with some great lead playing from J. Alun's rhythm playing was equally grand. The BV's too are coming on. Hey Joe needs more in it I think at the moment. Heartbreaker was good (eventually) after having a listening recap. Ladykiller acoustic was fab. It worked well with everyone dropping out, then coming into the rock version. Although, it was a little erratic at times. Then.....into " Ride like the Wind" (which was good) Then "Ode to Billy Joe"... The best play of the evening really. Then.... " Rock & Roller" which started a little chaotic, but then it really kicked in well.

All in all, it was good, although, in retrospect, playing wise, we did miss having two consecutive rock rehearsals. However I do really appreciate both Al & Jo's innovative playing, tenacity & thought about "getting it right", Rupert's Band backbone drumming skills, plus J's innovative lead playing. We have had better more flowing rehearsals, but on the other side of the coin, we haven't had nine songs to play in succession before. Plus, them also being half and half. A pre rock set of 4 acoustic songs, then straight into 5 Classic Rock arrangements. It's not easy first off to make the transition. I had a little difficulty myself re "adjusting" to (finally) having 2-3 part backing vox. After having sang "A myriad" of parts in the past re BV's on both the live songs & the recordings of the same, It can all become a bit of a minefield. On the live gigs one tends to sing a hybrid of "everything", on the recordings's just " Everything!!!"lol! It can be difficult adjusting & " knowing ones place in the song" (so to speak)

Anyway, next week should be be great. Although, I do think that we will need to rehearse for another four weeks or so consecutive, in order to get these songs (& more) under our belts so to speak, & to knit in together.

I will be doing some more work on my website today (jenny take a look all you people out there! I now have the BAND BIOG page up on there too. I have a couple of hours of adjustments to do today (I guess it will be pretty much ongoing from now on) A woman's work eh!

I should have taken some pics of the band last night, but there never seems to be any time! Plus, I'm not sure if all you Guys out there would appreciate my " Cat hat with pointy ears!!" Lol! Very funny....

That's it for this week... bye for now, from Jenny, J, Rupe's, Alun & Jo....catch you all next week....

PS. For those who are not quite sure. The forthcoming album is called "Ladykiller", by "Jenny Darren & the Ladykillers"; "Heartbreaker" will be "The Single" (taken from the album)


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