BAND BLOG:STOP PRESS!!!!! Last nights Band rehearsal was really great. What a spellbinding effect Al's twelve string had upon the acoustic songs. Jo's keys are really sounding fantastic now. Rupe's (as ever) played the bollox!! The vocals on the acoustic songs really sounded good too (I could hear them better... lol) J of course is J, incredible playing as ever! A couple of gigs are coming in now. I won't reveal anything until the band are happy re them. We are ten songs in, but there are at least another ten to go (I would feel really confident with twenty five) so that we can change things around. I am looking forward to hearing the rehearsal tape back. In a couple of weeks time we will be recording a new black & white video of this wonderful band. Some new pics too. It has to be done. As we speak, I am putting together a press pack to send out to the world. It's looking good, & I should have it finished by the weekend. There is still the Wikipedia to do (groan) it shall be done. For the gigs, we will have LADYKILLER tee shirts, wristbands, a USB (in a pouch) of the single for albums, maybe even key rings too. It's getting exciting! lol! It's going to be a busy time for me, & us. It's a hard slog, but initially, after being left in my own to deal with all of this, I now have people around me who are helping. This is a GREAT Band. I'm sure that when you hear us play/see the new video, you will think so too. Lucky girl me! Best to all old friends/fans & new.... & those still to be. Jenny x

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