It's been a little while since I last blogged here.... but here it is! Last Thursday, myself & " The Ladykillers", went into Soundshack studios to record a new live video. It took us awhile to get into it. We ended up recording two songs. Ladykiller, plus an acoustic version of Heartbreaker. With two acoustic guitars, cahon, shaker eggs, & three part vocals.

It was blazing hot in there with the intense video lights. It took awhile to sort things, as it was a small place (Cosy & bijou) lol!!)The band look amazing... Al with his purple & silver patterned skull flared jeans (on black) & fab denim jacket. Jo with her brilliant leggings, boots and two tops... lovely make up too. Rupert, with his long flowing hair worn out, skin tight black skinny jeans... Jay, being J, all in black (as per usual) looked good. Myself in my SEVERELY ripped pale blue denims, with black fishnets showing through underneath. LA HOLE tee shirt, & two different pairs of boots (to ease the aching feet) lol! I thought I looked a little outrageous, but I'm afraid that Al outdid me here!!

We went a little over time to almost 11pm, but it was great fun, especially the acoustic. The Guys also loved Greg. He's a great Guy, & very helpful and accommodating.

So... I should receive the audio next week, but if will take another couple of weeks to receive the final package; The photos are next.

The Guys played great, & I am really proud of them. I am so looking forward to doing next weeks rehearsal. It's band holidays this week, so we're all on a Ladykillers 'reiki'!Lol!

I had an important milestone today. The Album art work has " finally" been passed.There was only a slight adjustment today, & then it was sent back to the printers. It's done....Finally!!! Another thing finished here.

I'll be cracking on with the gigs now, plus doing some more work on my website. Little & often.The wiki will be the last thing to do. All those links to find yet... & so it goes. More news soon...

Jenny x


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