Rehearsal..... (7)?


Hi all! Well, myself & the LK's had a great rehearsal last night. Admittedly, it was in the other rehearsal room. However, I am getting used to the room now, & actually like it!.... yay!!

We rehearsed two songs: "Lady M", plus " Sick & Tired"... they both sounded really great. Although, there are still the BV's to work through yet. The band played fantastically, & there were very few mistakes. It will be a recap next week of all the full on Rock tunes. We are cracking on though, & more dates are coming in as we speak although some have yet to be confirmed as such.

I have delayed the album release until August for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my record company have a release with another one of their bands this month. Hence ONE a month is enough for them to concentrate on. Secondly, to get really tight & played in, we need more rehearsal time. As albums are not usually released in high Summer, August/September are far better months. Plus it gives me more time to work on promotion, get more gigs, orchestrate ahead planning better etc. Plus, importantly, to plan the "Album date release launch gig". I breath a sigh of relief that I have more time with this. I was beginning to feel extremely pressured in the run up.

I'm looking forward to running everything through (so far) next week. It's all good! This update will also be featured on my Blog website page:

Give me/us - like here. Check out my/our forthcoming gig dates too. Both here, & on my website.

Bye for now, have a good week everyone,

From the LK's FB site:

Jenny ❤️


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