I'm a little late with this... but we all had a great rehearsal last week. We went through ALL of last years new tunes, plus the whole set (except for the acoustic tunes) the Band are playing excellently. Highly energetic too! More gigs are coming in too as we speak. I am sorting out promotion too as we speak. I wish I could get someone to help me more with it, but alas, such is life at the moment. This band is MUCH deserved of good things. They are all very talented, and to my mind deserve the big openings that are conducive to their talents. It will all kick off soon re the warm up gigs. Time to get the gig props then, plus merch. It's a work in progress as we speak. All will hot up soon. Another new song to go through this week... "it's called Selfish" written by Robin George. It's featured on the new album.

I have had the album digi cover emailed over to me last week. I should receive some copies next month - pre release. Here are two aspects below; both frontal plus a flat digi pack. It's a truly fabulous album. If you leave me out of the equation here. Wonderful players, plus a wonderfully produced & mastered album.

I hope some of you " Rock Lovers" out there will buy it. It's my masterpiece. I have sweat blood over it. It may not sell millions, but it's taken almost three years to bring into fruition. The most difficult job of work I have ever undertaken.

Best to all,

Jenny X


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