It was a great gig at the Cotswold Inn on Saturday (albeit sans monitors, dirty pots apparently) it seems they get everywhere! lol! IVORY CROSS took the stage at almost 9:30 pm. A great (extremely short set - 25 mins) everyone needs an hour set, it's a minimum requirement. However, what they did play was really good, & the Guys were really appreciated by the audience.

After the change over (they used our kit, guitar speaker/bass amp/PA etc. we stormed into the set with "Ladykiller", a little after Ms Darren personally talked to the audience for a couple of minutes. We played almost an hour and thirty minutes, even after I missed a song out... "Ouch"! We brought it down quite a lot in places. I noticed that you could practically hear a pin drop. The audience were eye glued towards the stage.... They watched intently for the whole time! It was amazing. At the end of the set, I felt we had to do more, so we launched into some rock & roll (a good time user) & played a storm!

Sam & Mike came along too (drummer and audio Guy mates) they really enjoyed it, it was great to see them. It was great to have the support. Plus they walked me to my car with all my bits of equipment too. All in all another very successful night. The band played wicked... just the best! J was particularly on fire.... lol! So wonderful stuff Guys.... the band was as tight as a nat's chuff! Lol! Next gig soon. Sorting out the poster NOW! Bye all... Jeno... 🎤


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