Paidarion Rehearsal: 13/07/17


A big day yesterday. A 5-6 hour rehearsal. It went very well, a lovely venue too. A big stage, a great PA etc. Then..... a fantastic meal in the complex restaurant. The guys were chatting away in a mysterious mastery of both Finnish & English. The songs in the main, are quite complex, with lots of inter running keyboard lines with the guitar. These are the songs that Robert Webb & I wrote many years ago. All highly dynamic in ethos.

I'm back at the apartment now, all is very quiet & still. Finland itself is very beautiful at this time of year. Lush greenery seems to explode at every avenue. Once one is out of the immediate town, it quickly goes peaceful. Even the rain is divine, it's silky pitter patter touch is crazily soothing.

Tomorrow is "Gig day", it will be amazing to play the tracks from the Paidarion album once again, plus a slow version of Heartbreaker. I am also looking forward to the two guitar/vocal sets with Altti. Lots of standards, rock & blues. Quite different in essence generally to the Paidarion set. Fingers crossed with the sound systems. I am sure they will be fine. Kimmo has worked really hard with all this. Without having internet most of the time (neither of us can get the internet networking at the apartment?) I have had to log onto his phone internet. Of course, I can only do this when he is there! Lol! So, I will be staying close tomorrow! Lol!

The day after, a 3am leaving. I will be exhausted for two days afterwards. Today had gone quickly, maybe tomorrow will too? All is well in "Jennyland'.... I'm just SO glad to be singing again, and doing proper gigs! My voice seemed to really warm up well today, even though I still have catarrh (weeks now) The apple cider vinegar is helping though... but not here of course. Tomorrow then?... here's to it....(More Truck Fest Pics)

More Truck Fest Pics)


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