I had a great time last week. I was so uptight and worried about going to Finni. Would Mike get me to the station in time? Would I get the Reading connection? Would I have any problems getting through with my hand luggage? & so it goes.There were no problems of course, but it was a hell of a week encompassing a catastrophic blitzkrieg full moon. There were problems for me up to that point.

Once there, I was met by Kimmo & Pirkko, & never ending daylight. Onward we sped, down the almost empty dual carriageway from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna. It took over an hour; about 50 km. I stayed at a lovely detached cottage, with beautiful surrounding gardens. It belonged to a folk violinist friend of Kimmo's, who was a working away. It was about 1km from the centre.

I slept like a baby the first night. I didn't awaken until 11:30 am. I was picked up at 2pm, & we arrived at the fantastic rehearsal place at 3pm (I have already written about the first day) the second day was fantastic. No internet though. None of us could get it working? It was mobile internet. Then - it was Soundcheck at 4pm, then onstage at 5pm. A great outdoor gig. There were no train wrecks at all. The band played great... ALL of them. I feel really comfy onstage now, in particular big stages. We went down really well. Then a quick meal (c/o the Festival) Then.... we went to the riverboat. A lovely tiny vessel. The weather was beautiful, and so was the river cruise. The sound engineers name was Marko, & he was very helpful.

Once in the boat, Altti and I did guit/voc... what a guitarist..... Absolutely fantastic. He knew everything. He played acoustic guitar for almost two hours. He had hands as big as tree trunks! I am happy to say that it went so much better than it would have ever done with a certain other person. More scope with genres etc. Plus he knew so much. We played two fantastic sets, & sent the audience crazy! It was an amazing day! It was also daylight forever! We went back to the house, & I went to bed at midnight. Up at 2.15 and on with the day. A coach to the airport. I was there in plenty of time. I never managed to get a coffee once I left the airport until I got back to the home station. Saff picked me up & we went to my local pub (The Bakers) and had a fab omelette. Then home James... I was then out for the count for around 14 hours! The next evening was a rehearsal with Saff, Sam and James. We got through it all ok. We had a lot of material to go through. Today has been spent sorting through lyrics, answering emails, all sorts of tawdry things, plus getting a support band for a gig. I also mowed the lawn and cut the hedge. It was so hot today, so I will have another attack at it tomorrow. Bye for now all. That's the last few days shopping list done... lol! Here is the ''Truck Fest'' over there! wonderful eh!


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