Hi everyone!

Here's a video of the first song at the album launch... "Ladykiller". The title track of the album. Details of how to purchase on my Yes, I'm overweight with big boobs (although the camera it is said puts 5ibs in weight on a person) I console myself with this; as I have a great band, good songs, plus power & energy you can't have it all (says she, who was running around like a mad woman's s***!!) Plus, I can always lose weight.Two years ago I was 7st in weight. It's all that sitting around, promoting, & getting gigs... not forgetting "cake" of course, one must "never" forget cake. "Cake rules the world", one must always remember this in times of deepest need.. Lol! Anyway, enjoy, or hopefully appreciate its good points - of tenacity, trial by fire... & pure love for ones work. Jenny 🎤🎶

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