Well everyone, what can I say? What a fantastic evening. Not as many as I hoped for attended, but it was a small room, so it didn't show too much... lol!

Firstly, I would like to thank my BRILLIANT BAND! JO WARD (keys) Alun Roberts (bass) RUPERT JAMES IRVING (Drums) for their uncomplaining ongoing rehearsals... lol! Both of my special guests,Tom Leary (Lindisfarne) & Bob Skeat (Wishbone Ash) who were amazing! I can't thank them enough for coming along & giving their time & playing up a storm. Tom's fiddle on Heartbreaker, sounded magnificent, Bob too on Hey Jo (bass & voice only) was just fantastic. How lucky am I to have had this for my Launch, plus a bloody brilliant band to boot!

I would also like to thank Mya De'Angelo for her great performance. Mya's Dad, & Dale Williams too, all of them for coming such a long way from Nottingham to support Mya. Ollie Ciaran, for standing in for the band NOBODY, who pulled our at the last minute (due to the singer having laryngitis, no doubt due to screaming his nuts off at the Reading Festival. For 25 minutes only, plus, with a good day of bedrest, these things can be partially slept off. Its rock, not light singing, you can get away with a lot more. I know I have been there... many times... ALL gigging singers have been. The show goes on Guys... somehow, or someone has to run around replacing you at the last minute (it took Scott & I five hours late at night to sort this) other things weren't attended to because of this.

Not forgetting... "The wonderful MC/Tim Vosper, who is such a great performance poet, plus a great MC. He really held the night together. Not forgetting either the hard work that went into all of this by Scott Wheatley, & the tec boys who all did a great job, & did their utmost to get this event right. Scott for his great cooking, plus the band drinks. A great TEA Scott! Lol!

Friend & fans who came from so far away; saxophonist Richard Goffin-Lecar, who did a 400 mile round trip from Ramsgate in Kent! Singer Mandy Bell, & Bob Skeat who drove all the way down from Twickenham to play & support me. My longest term fan... Chris Turvey, who came from Abergavenny, & who camped out at Bath University after the gig. Chris kept Rupert and I highly amused on the way back to the Uni with his trilogy of made up Band names (hilarious) unbelievable!.... (Tim would have loved this)

My friends bassist Saffron Young, drummer Sam Gerrard, audio Programmer Mike Reid, sax player/singer/songwriter Karen Gilbert, who all came down from Cirencester & Stroud. I know they weren't absolutely on my knees thanking me at the end when I got them up for a jam, but it was for one number only (Moondance) although I believe it's since gone into the Guinness book of records for the longest.... EVER version!! Lol! I thank Saff & Sam for this (& the LK's guitarist J also) as I know that Richard dearly wanted to play, & had driven 200 miles there, so I didn't wish to disappoint him here. Karen too, so I thank Saff & Sam from the bottom of my heart here. It would have been impossible to have done this without them. Not forgetting songwriter Barry Hill, & Ce Duplock, from The Fridge Mechanics, the other band I sing with (Stroud & Bristol) for coming along, plus their unwavering support here... they are brilliant. Plus a new drummer friend of mine Ulli Wenske, who came all the way from Devizes. Drummer Barry Graham Purvis (Thunderstick) for his amazing online support (Not forgetting of course.... Greg -Wilson Copp, & his lovely girlfriend Nicola, Greg is the fantastic sound engineer who was on my Album, & who came along & saved the day & recorded a video, plus photos of the gig. So very much appreciated. We know that we are in good hands there. My Cricklade close friend Jan Bartlett, who has supported me all the way with this..

Not forgetting of course all of the amazing players who performed on my album, who could not be there on the night. Graham Oliver (guitar-Saxon) Tony Williams (Jaqi Graham) Robin George (Magnum/Phil Lynott) Bill Hunt (Roy Wood/ELO) indirectly Pete Way (UFO) Chris Slade (AC/DC) Nicko McBrain (retro track) Muddy Manninen (guitar Wishbone Ash) Andy Hawkins (drums BC Sweet) Clive Poole (guitar Rick Wakeman Band) Saxophonist Patsy Gamble; Drummer/Producer Kimmo Porsti, from my Finnish Record Company, Seacrest Oy, who were all part of the recording project. Plus others who for various reasons do not wish to be included here.

Lastly but not leastly ... for the amazing work that the video company "Happy Hour Productions" (on behalf of Sun Life Insurance) did re filming me for the forthcoming Sunlife Website hub (sometimes being older has its advantages lol!) I just loved some of the questions they asked me... I think that they will have some great moments from the day/night to edit & share on the hub. Thanks fir the din dins too Guys! It was boo-ti-ful! x

I hope that I haven't left anyone out here? I hope that you will all be patient & sidle down the page to where your name is mentioned. For those that didn't/couldn't make it, obviously I would have loved you to have been there... but... I realise that distance can be a problem. There is never a perfect place to have a launch though. It's always a travel for someone.... maybe next time/one day/someday.... soon.

I think we will have a good video of the set, & I will send it to anyone who would like a copy once it's done (Friends/Muso's/Fans) It will go on YouTube (private) when available with a link. I will keep you all posted. I thank all the well wishers for their online posts, & all of you for ALL of this & MORE...

As many of you are aware, this has been an immense undertaking for me, & one that I never wished to take alone. Over the months I have cursed the difficulties at times. However, difficulties never really go away, they just change their form into other difficulties... that's life... The sweet irony of all this is, that I felt that I had something to prove both to myself & to the person who left me to deal with all of this solo. Here's my message to them..."I did it/I am doing it/ I WILL do it! I feel that I may just go somewhere again now in this, my crazy career. Without being put into this difficult position I would never have got myself out there & done any of it! Who knows in the end, what rolls people ultimately play their part in a persons life. What once seemed like a curse, has now turned into a blessing. "Onwards & Upwards then". Once again, thank you ALL, so, very, very, much. I couldn't have done any of it without you. Jenny 🗣💿

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