The day before my Birthday (A letter to all)

Well folks, Saturday’s gig is almost upon us. The Swan, Stone, Staffs. Our usual rehearsal is this evening too. I’m just keeping my eyes open for a couple more gigs this year. The band sounds great, & things are now beginning to move forward. Muddy Manninen (former Wishbone Ash guitarist) & I are also playing a couple of “Live & UnPlugged” gigs (when everyone else is busy)lol! Together with guitar/vocalist Chris Bray, & Electric violinist Tom Leary (Lindisfarne) I am hoping to utilise this soon within a short acoustic first set (budget permitting) then.... the band kicking in. Recently, I have looking back over the last thirteen months or so. As I said to Rupert last night. These past months have been “The making of me”, from tiny acorns to large oaks , I have made my journey forward. I have done things that I never thought that I could do. I have though been wholly tenacious in my endeavours to kick walls down in this highly precarious scenario that they call “The music business”. It’s not for the faint hearted, many stop, but a few come back & have another shot at it (This is my third attempt)

I/We have a fantastic Band, plus also an acoustic offshoot that can when the occasion permits, be utilised alongside it. What better birthday present could I give to myself tomorrow, other than to say... “Happy Birthday Jenny”, you are “almost” there. You have almost made it to Christmas, which was initially my intention. However, I now feel that we will carry on. Be it a few or a lot of gigs in this respect. However, our being “On the road” will have plugged my album. No I can’t do it as well as a Manager, or a big record Co, because there is simply too much to do; but I know that with me being just one person, no one could have done more. I have given it my very best. I will keep slogging on. It “will”pay off, I am sure.’s celebratory “cake” time! yay!! Love to all, & the brilliant “Ladykillers”, thank you SO much for being with me at this, probably the most important time in my life. Jenny D ❤️

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